Leadership Opportunities

Headteacher's Council & Schools Council 2017-2018

The purpose of the council is -

For the Principal to share and discuss important information about the school with the senior pupils and students;

For the senior pupils and students to advise the Principal of key issues concerning the school's pupils and students;

For consideration of ways to improve the quality of education offered by RHSC (including discussing the curriculum);


To jointly plan important events such as

the School Year 6 Open Evening - Thursday 12th October 2017

the Sixth Form Open evening - Thursday 5th October 2017 6.00pm-8.30pm

Year 11 Awards Evening - Thursday 16th November 2017

Year 13 Awards  Evening - Monday 18th December 2017

To consider ways of promoting food health and positive citizenship for all pupils and students;

To work with the school council in promoting and developing the school.


The members of the Headteacher's Council are Mr Gibbs and Mrs Bridges (PA to the Principal) and senior pupils and students. 

The Council meet every fortnight on Friday lunchtimes. 

Headteachers council 2017-2018


School Council representatives 2017-2018

The School Council consists of pupil representatives from each of the five year groups.  The students are elected annually by their peers from their respective year councils.

The school council members for 2017-2018 will be updated shortly.

It is the School Council that decides which charities the school's fundraising activities support, using feedback received from the Form Groups via the Year Council representatives the School Council meet with senior staff from the school to endeavour to bring about changes to school procedures/facilities/uniform.

Members of the School Council are also involved in the appointment of new staff to the school.  Each candidate is interviewed by a small panel of council members who then feed back to the Head of Department.